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Akathist to The Holy Archangel Gabriel

 Akathist to The Holy Archangel Gabriel

 Kontakion 1

 Chosen from all the angelic hosts as the only one worthy of the revelation of God’s mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God through the All-Holy Virgin, from the heavenly realm you descended into Nazareth and announced the profound news to her: “Rejoice” - do not forsake us born on earth in your intercessions before the throne of the Holy Trinity, as we exclaim to you: Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.

 Ikos 1

O firey-eyed Archangel Gabriel, Herald of the most joyful tidings, we fall down and beseech you: Instruct us and enlighten us to glorify and praise you thus:

Rejoice, intercessor before the tri-radiant throne of God.

Rejoice, bright beacon of the rays of divinity.

Rejoice, banner of the Christian assembly, with which we sing.

Rejoice, for those on earth are praising and exulting with you.

Rejoice, O Commander Gabriel, for you rejoice with those in heaven.

Rejoice, as you aid us in all pious living of this temporal life.

Rejoice, for you direct our steps on the path of salvation.

Rejoice, O Captain of the Host of the Lord, bearing a blazing scepter.

Rejoice, doer of the Master’s will.

Rejoice, one of the three visitors of our forefather Abraham.

Rejoice, foreteller of the birth of Abraham’s son Isaac from his old and feeble wife, Sarah.

Rejoice, for you behold the heavens brilliantly adorned with divine luminaries.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 2 

Perceiving with the eyes of faith the power and brightness of your lightening-bearing appearance, O Archangel of God Gabriel, we, the earthly ones, are filled with love and thanksgiving to the Most-Holy Trinity and cry out with all the holy angels: Alleluia.


Ikos 2

Grant us the discernment to know God’s will, O Most-Wondrous Gabriel, so that we may walk in the Lord’s commandments and endlessly sing to you:

Rejoice, for you instructed the Prophet Moses to write the divine scriptures after he fled from Pharaoh to the desert.

Rejoice, for you revealed to him the story of creation of the world and of the life of Adam and his descendants.

Rejoice, for you narrated to him the story of the ancient generations, the flood, and the division of languages.

Rejoice, for you taught him to understand the position of planets, the universe, and the ways of God’s wisdom.

Rejoice, for you interpreted the knowledge about kings and kingdoms to the Prophet Daniel, fulfilling his spirit with the revelation of unknown things.

Rejoice, for you pointed him to the time of Christ’s first coming to the world through being incarnate of the Pure Virgin.

Rejoice, for throughout the world our souls have recourse to your deliverance and intercession.

Rejoice, vigilant guard of God’s Church and destroyer of church discord.

Rejoice, for you silence the fierce storms the barbarians raise against your servants.

Rejoice, for you rescue from misfortunes and evils.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 3 

You are mighty with divine strength, O God’s Chief Commander Gabriel, do not forsake us who pray to you with faith in your powerful help against sin and temptation, as we cry to God: Alleluia.


Ikos 3 

Having you for our steadfast helper and defender against the adverse powers, we beseech you to be our protector in all journeys of our life so that we may cry out to you in gratitude:

Rejoice, for you appeared to Righteous Anna in an orchard when she was tearfully lamenting to God about her barrenness, and you announced to her: “Anna, your prayer has been heard, the multitude of your sighs is passed, and your tears reached God. Be glad, for I bring you glorious tidings that you will conceive and give birth to the most-blessed daughter, through which all generations of the earth will be blessed and through which salvation shall be given to the world, and her name shall be Mary.”

Rejoice, for the Holy and Righteous Joachim, who was fasting in the desert, also received your foretelling of his daughter, who was forechosen to be the Mother of the Messiah desiring to come to save mankind.

Rejoice, for God appointed you guardian of the godly Maiden’s virginity.

Rejoice, for you brought her food after she entered the Lord’s temple.

Rejoice, for you stand before the throne of divine glory with all the hosts of heaven.

Rejoice, one of the seven commanders of the heavenly army.

Rejoice, O Greatly-Glorious Gabriel, along with the other commanders, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel, for you all ceaselessly glorify the Holy Trinity.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 4 

From the tempest of temptations and dangers deliver us, O our merciful intercessor. Do not leave us without help in the days of our earthly trials as we cry unto our Creator and God: Alleluia.


Ikos 4 

Seeing your boldness before God's throne, all dark spirits tremble and dare not commit villainy against those who honor you with these words, O radiant Gabriel:

Rejoice, tamer of endless temptations.

Rejoice, for you lead the souls that honor you with love into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rejoice, for you appeared to Zachariah as he stood at the right hand of the altar of incense.

Rejoice, for you announced the end of his wife Elizabeth’s barrenness.

Rejoice, for you silenced his tongue because he did not believe in the birth of John the Forerunner.

Rejoice, for Zachariah became mute as he beheld you during censing.

Rejoice, for you rebuked him for not trusting your awe-striking announcement, O Commander Gabriel/

Rejoice, for you joyfully foretold John’s birth within the walls of God’s Temple.

Rejoice, for you held back the hand of St. Simeon the God-Receiver when he was transcribing the holy books and wanted to correct the word for the one conceiving in her womb from “virgin” to “woman”.

Rejoice, for you enlightened the doubting Elder about the truthfulness of the written words.

Rejoice, for you proclaimed to him that he would not see death until he meets the Lord’s Christ.

Rejoice, for you reveal to us the pre-eternal truly divine mystery.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 5 

O all-blessed and most holy guiding stars, Archangel Gabriel with all other Holy Guardian Angels and all Bodiless Hosts, who ceaselessly stand and praise the Most Holy Trinity and are illumined by Its everlasting splendor, we flee to you with faith and hope. Intercede for us before the throne of the Lord Almighty, together with your commander Gabriel, who sings to the eternal King of glory: Alleluia.


Ikos 5 

Beholding you among the nine ranks of angels ablaze as a bright luminary, O Commander Gabriel, we beseech you: enlighten us with the beams of your glory as we sing to you:

 Rejoice, for God sent you to Nazareth to stand before the Holy Virgin, who was betrothed to Righteous Joseph, to announce that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and the Son of God would be conceived within her.

Rejoice, for in a dream you assured the Elder Joseph that the Maiden conceived through the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, for you announced sacred tidings of the Savior’s birth to the shepherds who kept their watch by night.

Rejoice, for you sang with the multitude of heavenly armies: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will to men.

Rejoice, companion in the holy flight to Egypt to escape the murder by Herod.

Rejoice, protector of the Holy One on His way to Nazareth.

Rejoice, fellow traveler of the Holy Family to the Jerusalem Temple for the feast of Passover.

Rejoice, for with fear and trembling you served the twelve-year-old Jesus.

Rejoice, for with the powers of heaven you appeared at the Lord’s baptism.

Rejoice, for with the armies of heaven you attended to the Lord in the desert when He was tempted by the enemy.

Rejoice, for you were sent into the Garden of Gethsemane to Christ the Savior before His voluntary passion.

Rejoice, for you strengthened Christ as He was praying in the garden, for your name, Gabriel, means “God is my strength” and you strengthen those who are in the midst of struggles. 

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 6 

The whole Christian world preaches of your glory, O all holy Archangels, Angels, and all the heavenly powers, and of your service as intercessors before the throne of the Holy Trinity, as they ceaselessly sing, call, and proclaim, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” And we sinners on earth sing with our mortal lips: Alleluia.


Ikos 6

You illuminated the whole earth with your heavenly radiance when you, O All-Joyful Archangel Gabriel, flew down from heaven into blessed Nazareth and stood before the Virgin with this archangelic greeting, “Rejoice, O Blessed One, the Lord is with you!” And gladdened by this divine message, we joyfully exclaim to you:


Rejoice, for you call with the multitude of angels, “Holy is the Father Almighty, the Unoriginate Son, and the Ever-Existing Holy Spirit.”

Rejoice, for enlightened by participation in that most immaterial Light, you are seen to be a second light.

Rejoice, for your countenance is fiery and wondrously glorious, awe-striking to every mind.

Rejoice in splendor, O Gabriel, chief among God’s bodiless angels.

Rejoice, adornment of all who faithfully praise you.

Rejoice, giver of quiet joy to the hearts of all that love their Lord and Creator.

Rejoice, O Brightly Beaming, Celestial Intelligence, whom our earthly tongues are unable to honor.

Rejoice, for with faith you enlighten those who revere you.

Rejoice, kind and steady guide in our earthly sojourn.

Rejoice, sure protector of all who sing and pray to the Queen of Heaven.

Rejoice, for you are aflame with ineffable divine radiance beyond comprehension.

Rejoice, and by your light-bearing prayers to the Master, snatch from the darkness of passions them that sing your praise.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 7

Seeking to preserve everyone from the enemy’s attacks, the Merciful Lord sent holy angels to serve mankind. And you, O Chief of the Angels, Godly Gabriel, are the first among our ministers, wherefore with gratefulness we cry to the Lord Almighty: Alleluia.


Ikos 7

As a good intercessor, you desire the salvation of all, and you grieve and lament over those who do not fulfill the commandments of God and thereby deprive themselves of eternal joy with all the saints in the Kingdom of Heaven. Help us on our life's path, O Mighty Defender, and save all those crying to you: 

Rejoice, the Lord’s companion and His co-sufferer in all the paths of His sufferings.

Rejoice, for with fear and trembling you gazed at Your crucified Lord Jesus.

Rejoice, for you appeared to the holy myrrh-bearers, sitting on the gravestone and announcing Christ’s rising from the grave.

Rejoice, first messenger of the great joy to the Holy Virgin Mary.

Rejoice, O you who cried to her, “Rejoice O Pure Virgin, for your Son has risen from His three days in the tomb.”

Rejoice, for, being a herald of the conception of the Son of God,

Rejoice, you also became the herald of His Resurrection.

Rejoice, O blessed and radiant one.

Rejoice, most joyful of all the angels of God.

Rejoice, bringer of the joy of all joys to the world.

Rejoice, for with ineffable gladness holy people extol you with holy words.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 8

A strange and awesome miracle is taking place today through the voice of the Archangel. God has come to earth and became incarnate of the Virgin for the salvation of all, and to Him we cry out: Alleluia.


Ikos 8

Your whole appearance is splendid and flaming and your singing is awe-striking, O Holy Archangel Gabriel. As a close servant of the Holy Trinity and keeper of the mystery of the pre-eternal Council, you became a guardian to the Holy Virgin, serving her when the Holy Spirit came upon her and you were the first to worship God the Savior, visible to you in her womb. Wherefore we offer you these praises:

Rejoice, for the glorious splendor of your temple enkindles the souls of the faithful.

Rejoice, for you ignite fervent prayer to the Lord in the hearts of all who seek to pray in God’s temple.

Rejoice, for you are illuminated as an angelic partaker of the First Light.

Rejoice, for you are truly seen as the second light.

Rejoice, for you always enlighten those who sing to you.

Rejoice, for you destroyed wicked councils.

Rejoice, for you affirmed the Orthodox faith.

Rejoice, for you pacified contentions in the Church.

Rejoice, for you stopped the ragings of Hagar’s descendants against your flock and saved all your faithful people.

Rejoice, O Radiant Gabriel, for the Word, Whose coming in flesh you announced, had you hastening before to guard His sacred palace.

Rejoice, you proclaimed the great joy to us, O Archangel.

Rejoice, for you offered the Virgin the kind of praise that was incomprehensible to the mind.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion  9

All monks and Orthodox Christians that are deemed worthy to bear your glorious name, rejoice with awe in having such a namesake and intercessor before the throne of the Almighty as you, O Archangel of God, and you ceaselessly sing to Him the thrice-holy hymn: Alleluia.


Ikos 9

The orator's tongue is unable to describe your heavenly splendor, O Holy Archangel Gabriel, for you exceed all other ranks in your honor and glory and you stand before the Throne of God, imploring His goodness and mercy for all who honor and call on you:

Rejoice, commander of the fiery servants.

Rejoice, servant of grace, who stands before the fearsome throne.

Rejoice, chief of the angels, guide and intercessor for men.

Rejoice, for you bless those who praise you with faith.

Rejoice, for you are brimming with divine oracles.

Rejoice, for you uplift my mind with your prayers.

Rejoice, proclaimer of the inexpressible joy that came into the world.

Rejoice, for those who love and praise you are rescued from afflictions and the serpent’s harm.

Rejoice, for you are revealed as the second immaterial, illuminating light.

Rejoice, for you always enlighten those who are material—those of the human race, who praise you.

Rejoice, for we honor you for all eternity.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 10

Desiring to save the human race, the Pre-Eternal Council of the Holy Trinity chose you, O Archangel Gabriel, to deliver this hidden mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God, and you, as a faithful minister of God’s providence, ever sing to Him: Alleluia.


Ikos 10

You are a fortress to all that flee to your intercession and help, O Captain of God’s armies and our protector from the visible and invisible enemies that seek to destroy us at every step and to lead us to eternal perdition. All whom you guard with the wings of your immaterial glory and with your supplications before the Lord with gratitude cry out to you:

Rejoice, for you were worthy of bringing the greatest news.

Rejoice, O blazing heavenly messenger who bestows quiet joy into the hearts of all who love their Lord and Creator.

Rejoice, for you shine with light that astonishes every mind.

Rejoice, adornment of all who sing to you.

Rejoice, O greatest of the angels, who revealed to us the profound mystery.

Rejoice, for after the Lord’s ascension, you promised His disciples His second coming into the world. Rejoice, for they honored you as He was taken up to the Divine Heights.

Rejoice, for you deliver us from the storm of misfortunes and sorrows.

Rejoice, for the sacred mystery of the ineffable birth by the Holy Virgin was entrusted to you first, O Gabriel.

Rejoice, for the faithful revere you with joy.

Rejoice, for the Holy Church commemorates your numerous appearances in the Old and New Testaments and your unceasing intercession before God.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 11

Ceaselessly, you raise holy songs to the Most Holy Trinity, O Holy Archangel Gabriel, with all the heavenly intelligences, and we glorify you for the multitude of your mercies to the Christian race with a song of praise: Alleluia.


Ikos 11

Illuminated by the Light of the Holy Trinity, as an unsetting sun you shine in the glory of the unapproachable light. Illuminate us with the rays of your divine glory, so that we may sing to you:

Rejoice, for you are arrayed in a divine garment that glows with sublime glory brighter than the sun.

Rejoice, for we joyfully praise your fiery nature with our temporal lips.

Rejoice, O Holy Gabriel, who by your intercession snatch us from the fire that burns perpetually.

Rejoice, O jubilant Commander of the Heavenly King’s ministers.

Rejoice, for on the Mount of Olives you appeared to the Most Pure Theotokos as she was praying fervently, to announce to her that soon she would be honorably transported from earth to heaven.

Rejoice, for you gave the Mother of God a heavenly, radiant palm branch, and it was carried by the Apostle John at the front of her bier.

Rejoice, for at her honorable Dormition, as she was carried by the holy Apostles to burial in Gethsemane, you punished the Jew Jephonias for his brazen act by severing his hands.

Rejoice, you who, with all the heavenly powers, surrounded the holy Apostles when the Mother of God appeared to them after her Dormition.

Rejoice, for you freed the Apostle Peter from prison chains and iron fetters.

Rejoice, for you brought the Apostle Peter out of the dungeon and, after passing one street, you departed from him.

Rejoice, speedy aid and intercessor for all faithful Christians.

Rejoice, deliverer from troubles for all who with love honor you.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 12

Since you received abundant grace from the Lord, beseech Him to grant us grace also, accept our prayers as our offering, and drive away from our souls all sinful thoughts and all slander of the enemy, so that with a pure heart we may be worthy to sing a song of praise to the Lord: Alleluia.


Ikos 12

Singing of your heavenly service to the Holy Trinity, O holy protector and fervent intercessor with God, all your faithful servants praise you. Do not forsake us here in our earthly sojourn and be our mighty advocate on the Day of the Dread Judgment of God, as we sing to you: 

Rejoice, for by your prayers, those who honor you shall receive the forgiveness of their sins.

Rejoice, for the people of God are inspired to fervor when they flee to your intercession and help.

Rejoice, invisible guardian of the sick and the helpless. Rejoice, good comforter of orphans and the oppressed.

Rejoice, O light-bearing Gabriel, with your fervent petitions, plead for a blessed Christian ending to our lives and be our ardent heavenly supplicant.

Rejoice, and at the hour of our departure, appear to us bright and joyful, delivering our souls from evil demons and protecting us.

Rejoice, and reignite the fading flame of our good deeds through your all-powerful entreaties before the Lord.

Rejoice, and beseech the Righteous Judge to have mercy on our souls and to save us on the day of the Last Judgment.

Rejoice, O mighty mediator for our attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven in the endless blissful joy of eternal repose.

Rejoice, O Great Archangel Gabriel, who brought us great joy from heaven.


Kontakion 13

O light-bearing, all-joyful Archangel Gabriel, accept from us this grateful praise and do not forsake us who flee to your mercy. Be our helper and powerful intercessor throughout our life and, at our death, save from the eternal torment those who ceaselessly sing: Alleluia.


(This kontakion is read thrice, then Ikos 1 and Kontakion 1)


Prayer to Archangel Gabriel 

O Holy Archangel of God Gabriel! Constant intercessor before the throne of the Most High, joyful herald of the good news and tireless ambassador for our souls! Graciously accept from us, unworthy sinners, this small praise and thanksgiving. Lift our prayers up and offer them as incense at the heavenly altar. Illuminate our minds with the light of the Orthodox faith, kindle our hearts with love for Christ our Savior, direct and strengthen our desires on the saving path of the Gospel commandments. May we give glory to God by living in peace and piety, to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, and to be found worthy of the grace of Christ our God, through the intercessions of His Most Pure Mother and through your powerful prayers. Together with you, all the bodiless heavenly powers, and with all the saints, grant us to glorify the One God in the Trinity: the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.