Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Akathist to Jesus Christ For a Loved One Who Has Fallen Asleep

----------Kontakion 1----------

Chosen Intercessor and High Priest, Who hast laid down Thy soul for the salvation of the sinful world and hast given us authority to be children of God, and to dwell in the never-ending day of Thy Kingdom, grant forgiveness and eternal joy to Thy servant who has fallen asleep, for whom we cry to Thee in supplication: Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (handmaiden) (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Ikos 1----------

O holy Guardian Angel given by the Lord: Come pray for thy servant, whom thou didst accompany, preserve, and direct on all the paths of life, and cry with us to the All-compassionate Saviour:

Jesus, tear up the handwriting of the sins of Thy servant (Name).

Jesus, heal the wounds of his (her) soul.

Jesus, grant that there not be bitter memories of him (her) on earth.

Jesus, for the sake of this* have mercy on those who were grieved and offended by him (her).

Jesus, cover his (her) imperfections with the radiant garment of Thy redemption.

Jesus, gladden him (her) by Thy loving-kindness.

Jesus, Ineffable, Great and Wondrous--reveal Thyself to him (her).

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 2----------

Like an inconsolable dove, the soul is borne aloft over the earthly vale, contemplating from the heights of divine reason the sins and temptations of its past life, and bitterly sorrowing over every irretrievable day which passed without benefit; but do Thou, O Master, have mercy on Thy servant that he (she) may enter into Thy rest, crying out: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 2----------

Since Thous didst suffer for all the world, since Thou didst pour forth tears and the sweat of blood for the living and the dead--who, then, could restrain us from prayer for the departed one! Imitating Thee, Who didst descend even unto hades, we pray for the salvation of Thy servant:

Jesus, Giver of Life, illumine him (her) with Thy light.

Jesus, may he (she) be only with Thee and the Father.

Jesus, Who callest all to Thy vineyard, forget not to illumine him (her) by Thy light.

Jesus, generous Bestower of eternal rewards, show him (her) to be a son of Thy bridal chamber.

Jesus, return to his (her) soul the grace-filled powers of the first-created purity.

Jesus, may good deeds be multiplied in his (her) name.

Jesus, warm those left behind with Thy mystical consolation.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 3----------

Bound with the bonds of the flesh, Thy servant would fall into sin, but his (her) spirit pined for Thine eternal truth and holiness. Now, when the weakness of the flesh is constrained by the corruption of the tomb, may his (her) soul be borne aloft higher than the sun to Thee, the All-holy, and may it sing a song of deliverance: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 3----------

Thy chief Apostle, in the cold night by the bonfire, denied Thee thrice yet Thou didst save him. Thou who alone knowest the weakness of human nature: forgive also Thy servant (Name) for the many ways he (she) often fell away from Thy will:

Jesus, establish him (her) there, where there is no going astray.

Jesus, deliver him (her) from grievous torments of the conscience.

Jesus, may the memory of his (her) sins perish forever.

Jesus, remember not the temptations of his (her) youth.

Jesus, cleanse him (her) of secret transgressions.

Jesus, overshadow him (her) with the gladsome light of salvation.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 4----------

The tempests of life have passed, earthly sufferings are ended, the enemies with their malice are powerless; but love is strong, delivering from eternal darkness and saving all, for whom with boldness it raises a song to Thee: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 4----------

Thou art merciful to us without measure. Thou art the only Deliverer; what shall we add to the great of Thy saving love? But as Simon the Cyrenian helped Thee, the All-powerful, to bear Thy Cross, so now it is pleasing to Thy goodness to accomplish the salvation of our close ones with our participation:

Jesus, Thou didst command that we bear one another's burdens.

Jesus, Thou Who hast mercy on us after death through the intercession of our close ones.

Jesus, union of love placed between those who have fallen asleep and those among the living.

Jesus, may the labours of those who loved him (her) serve for the salvation of Thy servant (Name).

Jesus, hear his (her) heartfelt cry, offered up by our own lips.

Jesus, in our tears accept his (her) repentance.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 5----------

O God, may his (her) last sigh of contrition before death be accepted by Thee, as was the supplication of the wise Thief. He (She) breathed his (her) last on the cross of this life: grant him (her) to inherit Thy promise, as Thou didst say to the Thief: Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with Me in paradise where the throngs of repentant sinners joyfully sing: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 5----------

O Thou Who wast crucified for us and Who for us wast tormented: Stretch forth Thy hand from Thy Cross and with the drops of Thy poured-forth blood wipe away his (her) sins without a trace; and with Thy beautiful nakedness warm his (her) soul, now stripped bare and orphaned:

Jesus, Thou didst know his (her) life from birth and didst love him (her).

Jesus, Thou didst see him (her) from afar from the height of Thy Cross.

Jesus, suffering painfully on the Cross, Thou didst stretch forth to embrace him (her) as he (she) came from afar.

Jesus, Thou didst cry out for his (her) forgiveness on blood-stained Golgotha.

Jesus, Thou didst in grievous torments meekly die for him (her).

Jesus, Who didst suffer to be laid in the tomb, sanctify his (her) repose in the grave.

Jesus, Risen, raise up to the Father his (her) soul which was embittered by the world and saved by Thee.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 6----------

He (She) sleeps the eternal slumber of the grave, but his (her) soul is awake, awaiting Thee O Lord, thirsting for Thee, the Eternal Bridegroom. May Thy words be fulfilled for the departed: Whosoever eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood hath eternal life. Grant him (her) to eat the mystical manna and to sing at Thy throne: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 6----------

Separated by death from all those close to it, the soul has flown afar off; those ho knew him (her) grieve and Thou alone remainest near. The barriers of the flesh are destroyed and Thou art revealed in the unapproachable greatness of the Godhead, awaiting an accounting:

Jesus, Love beyond all understanding, have mercy on Thy servant.

Jesus, when he (she) withdrew from Thee, he (she) suffered greatly.

Jesus, forgive the unfaithfulness of his (her) heart.

Jesus, disappointed hopes in him (her) gave birth to a longing for Thee.

Jesus, remember the hours when his (her) soul trembled with delight in Thee.

Jesus, grant to the departed unearthly joy and repose.

Jesus, O only faithful and unchanging One, do Thou receive him (her).

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 7----------

We believe that our parting will be free. We bury thee, as a grain in a field, and thou wilt spring forth in another land. Let the weeds of thy sins die in the grave, but may good deeds shine forth there, where good seed brings forth incorrupt fruit, and where holy souls sing: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 7----------

When the fate of the departed fades into oblivion, when his (her) image dims in the heart, and time obliterates, along with his (her) tomb, the fervency of prayer for him (her), then do Thou not abandon him (her) but give delight to his (her) lonely soul:

Jesus, the warmth of Thy love never ceases.

Jesus, Thy goodwill is inexhaustible.

Jesus, in the never-ending supplications of the Church may his (her) sins be washed away by the offering of the Bloodless Sacrifice.

Jesus, through the intercession of all Thy Saints, grant him (her) the grace of prayer for the living.

Jesus, in the days of our own trials, accept his (her) intercession for us.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 8----------

Let us pray with tears while the memory of the one who has fallen asleep is painfully fresh. Let us remember his (her) name day and night, giving alms, feeding the hungry, and crying from the depths of our souls: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 8----------

The Seer of Mysteries, John the Theologian, in contemplation beheld at the Throne of the Lamb of God a great multitude of people, clothed in white garments. These are they who came out of great sorrow. They joyfully serve God day and night, and God dwells with them, and torment will not touch them:

Jesus, number among them also Thy servant (Name).

Jesus, he (she) suffered much and languished.

Jesus, all his (her) bitter hours and painful moments are known to Thee.

Jesus, on earth he (she) had sorrow and tribulation--grant him (her) joy in heaven.

Jesus, refresh him (her) from the fountains of living water.

Jesus, take away every tear from his (her) eyes.

Jesus, grant him (her) an abode where the sun of Thy righteousness scorches not but rather gives life.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 9----------

When earthly sojourning is ended, how graceful is the passing to the world of the Spirit; what contemplation of new things, unknown to the earthly world, and of heavenly beauties. The soul returns to its fatherland, where the bright sun, the righteousness of God, enlightens those who sing: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 9----------

If the reflection and trace of Thee make the faces of mortals sine, then what can we say about Thou Thyself! If the fruits of Thy hands are so wonderful, and if the earth, which reflects only a shadow of Thee, is full of unutterable majesty, then what can be said of Thine unseen countenance! Reveal Thy glory to Thy servant (Name) who has fallen asleep:

Jesus, enhance his (her) hearing unto the perception of Thy divinity.

Jesus, enhance his (her) hearing for heavenly wisdom.

Jesus, may his (her) joy be full.

Jesus, strengthen him (her) with the hope of meeting in the dwelling places of the blessed.

Jesus, grant that we may feel the grace-filled power of the prayer of the reposed.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 10----------

Our Father, accept this departed one into Thy Kingdom, where there is neither sin nor evil, where Thy holy Will is inviolable and Thy grace-filled Name is hallowed among the hosts of most pure Angels, and where praise gives forth a sweet fragrance: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 10----------

In that day, the Angels will set forth Thy Throne, O Judge, and Thou wilt shine forth in the glory of Thy Father, rendering due reward to each man. O look then mercifully on Thy humble servant (Name) and say to him (her): "Come stand at My right hand":

Jesus, as Thou art God Thou hast authority to remit sins.

Jesus, forgive those transgressions of his (hers) which were forgotten or concealed because of shame.

Jesus, loose his (her) sins of weakness and ignorance.

Jesus, deliver him (her) from the unholy depths of the despair of hell.

Jesus, may he (she) inherit Thy life-giving promise.

Jesus, count him (her) to be among the blessed of Thy Father.

Jesus, grant him (her) endless blessedness unto the ages.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 11----------

O All-good Master, may the radiant gates of Paradise be opened to him (her) who has fallen asleep; and may he (she) be met with exultation by the assemblies of righteous and holy ones, and the multitude of his (her) close ones. May Thy light-bearing Angels rejoice over him (her), and may he (she) see Thine Ever-blessed Mother there, where victoriously there resounds: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 11----------

At Thy breath flowers come to life, the river Nile is resurrected and a multitude of tiny creatures awakens. Thy glance is brighter than the spring sky; and Thy love, O Jesus, is warmer than the rays of the sun. Thous didst raise our mortal human flesh from the dust of the earth unto the blossoming of the eternal spring of incorruptible life. Do Thous then illumine also Thy servant (Name) with the light of Thy mercy:

Jesus, at Thy right hand are goodwill and life.

Jesus, in Thy gaze are light and love.

Jesus, deliver him (her) who has fallen asleep from eternal spiritual death.

Jesus, he (she) fell asleep in hope as did Nature before the cold winter.

Jesus, rouse him (her) when the thorns of the earth are clothed in the light of eternity.

Jesus, may nothing earthly cloud his (her) final rest.

Jesus, Thou unchanging Gladness and goal of our existence.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 12----------

O Christ! Thou art the Kingdom of Heaven; Thou art the land of the meek; Thou art the dwelling place of many. Thou art the drink which is completely new; Thou art the vesture and crown of the venerable ones. Thou art the couch of repose of the Saints. Thou art our Sweetest Jesus and to Thee is due praise: Alleluia!

----------Ikos 12----------

Using the image of peaceful gardens of unearthly beauty and mansions bright as the sun, in the splendor of heavenly singing Thou hast revealed to us the blessedness of those who love Thee:

Jesus, may Thy servant enter into Thy joy.

Jesus, clothe him (her) with the radiance of the glory of the Father.

Jesus, sanctify him (her) with the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, may he (she) hear the ineffable song of the Cherubim.

Jesus, may he (she) ascend from glory to glory.

Jesus may he (she) see Thee face to face.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant (Name) the sweetness of Paradise.

----------Kontakion 13----------

O immortal Bridegroom, coming from Heaven with the Angels at the midnight of sin and unbelief to judge the whole world, open the doors of Thy glorious bridal chamber to Thy servant (Name), that amidst the countless hosts of saints he (she) may forever sing: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! (Thrice.)

(And again, Ikos 1 and Kontakion 1.)


  1. May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you. Thank you for this good work!

  2. Praying this for my departed father during the 40-day mourning period. May it benefit him, even as it is comforting me.

    1. And now, praying it again for my mother, who died three months after my father's burial. It has been quite a year. Glory to God in all things.

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  4. This is such a wonderful akathist. I have been praying it for a much loved and missed grandson. It is a very comforting and powerful prayer that seems to voice what my heart longs to say. I am so thankful for it.

  5. Could you share Russian version of this Akathist, please.