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AKATHIST to the Lord Jesus, the All-Merciful Lover of Mankind (by A. Roman)

Kontakion 1

Not an angel, nor any other messenger, but You Yourself bent the Heavens and came down to take Flesh from the Ever-Virgin Mother of God to save me and grant me eternal life with You in Your Kingdom, O Lord Jesus the All-Compassionate. With what hymns shall I glorify You for Your self-emptying benevolence toward sinners? With what embraces shall I take and kiss Your Feet in gratitude? With tears and heart-rending compunction I cry out to you:

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Ikos 1

In fulfillment of the prophecy of old that "they will look upon Him that they have pierced," the soldier Longinus ran through the Holy Side of the Lord Jesus on the Cross with a lance. Immediately, Blood and Water came out for the forgiveness of our sins and our partaking of the Divine Life of the Sweetest Savior of all. Spiritually washed and nourished thereby, we proclaim:

Jesus the Longsuffering!

Jesus my Savior!

Jesus my Life!

Jesus, when You were lifted up on the Cross, You drew me to Yourself!

Jesus, You extended Your Hands to embrace me!

Jesus, Your Fingers were bloodied for me!

Jesus, I bow to the place where Your Feet stood!

Jesus, receive me into Your Kingdom!

Jesus, You thirst for my salvation!

Jesus, You gave me Your Mother to be my own!

Jesus, forgive me my sins for I know not what I have done!
Jesus, my God, never allow me to forsake you!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 2

My Savior Jesus thought of me when He once spoke to the people and said, "Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest!" I throw myself before You, Lord Jesus, and lay my troubles and sorrows before You. The Source of my life and the Treasury of all I need is You and so I cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

Like the man out of whom You drove many demons, I too wish to sit safely at Your Feet, O Lord Jesus, and be enfolded in the embrace of Your unfailing love. Like the harlot of old, You do not condemn me but free me to go my way in peace. Glorifying the mystery of Your Love and Beauty, I sing:

Jesus, drive from me the demons of my sins!

Jesus, save me for they are legion!

Jesus, having healed me, let me stay by You!

Jesus, take me by my hand!

Jesus, never let me wander according to my selfishness!

Jesus, resurrect my soul that has become entombed in sin!

Jesus, You bring me the peace that the world cannot!

Jesus, You speak peace to my heart!

Jesus, Your Yoke is not heavy!

Jesus, You condemn me not!

Jesus, You lift me up as high as the heavens!

Jesus, Your Presence envelopes me with indescribable joy!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 3

When they heard You were close to them, the blind men of old cried, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us!" Even when told to be quiet, they continued to implore Your benevolence, my Jesus. Your love is a bountiful abyss and You gave them their heart's desire. They received the two-fold blessing of sight for their physical eyes, and Your Light for their spiritual eyes in recognizing You to be the Son of God and the Messiah. Accept my little hymn of praise when I, too, call out: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

You called down Zacchaeus who climbed on a tree to see You, my Lord Jesus. You told him that You must be in his house that day to bring him Your salvation. Come under the roof of my heart to save me also, O my Jesus, for I have great need for You to bring me Your peace and free me from my sinfulness. Come there now, Sweetest Jesus, as I sing to You:

Jesus, I ascend to the Tree of Your Precious Cross to you!

Jesus, cover me with the seamless Robe of Your Mercy!

Jesus, you are the King of Glory!

Jesus, You give sight to my darkened mind!

Jesus, You make all things clear!

Jesus, You have prepared what eye has not seen for those who love You!

Jesus, I will never cease calling upon You!

Jesus, come to me and heal me!

Jesus, fulfill the deepest desires of my heart!

Jesus, You knew me before I was formed!

Jesus, be my true Self!

Jesus, Your Love overwhelms me!

O All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 4

My sweetest Savior, Jesus, the sight of a mother's tears at the death of her son moved You to return him to her alive. You healed the commander's favorite servant and brought back to life the little girl who You said was only sleeping. Awaken my soul from its deadly, sinful slumber, Lord Jesus, and return it to the Father that I may sing with all gladness: Alleluia!

Ikos 4

The people of old believed that a soul remained by the body of a reposed person for three days before death was final. This is why You raised Lazarus after four days, Lord Jesus, to manifest Yourself as the Divine Son of God Who came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Glorifying You for resurrecting my soul that has been in a spiritual tomb, I sing:

Jesus my Sweet Savior, call me forth to new life in You!

Jesus my Heart, let me live only for You!

Jesus my Teacher, let me be Your disciple forever!

Jesus my Lord, I will follow you always!

Jesus my Guide, lead me out of the darkness of my sinfulness!

Jesus my Lamp, fill my heart with the Oil of Gladness and Compunction!

Jesus You are my freedom!

Jesus You make my feet giddy with joy!

Jesus, I join with King David in a sacred dance!

Jesus You place my feet high upon a rock!

Jesus You give me a new song in my mouth!

Jesus my tongue has become the pen of a ready writer!

O All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 5

The paralytic by the waters of Siloam moved too slowly to gain the benefit of their miraculous powers, but You quickened his legs to leap for joy in praising the coming of the Divine Messiah that offers healing to all. I too suffer from spiritual sloth and beg You to tell my soul to rise and go my way. Confident in Your unfailing Love and Mercy, I sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

A young man who was paralyzed was brought to You in the house where You taught, Lord Jesus. His friends opened the roof and lowered him down to you by ropes. Seeing their faith, You healed him. May I too receive the fulfillment of my needs in accordance with the faith and prayer of others who bring me to You on the altar of their hearts, offering spiritual sacrifices that are well-pleasing to You. Constantly lowered to you on the ropes of their love that bind them to me, I sing:

Jesus, I receive much that others ask for me!

Jesus, I pray for those who love me!

Jesus, protect them always!

Jesus, reward them for all that they do for me!

Jesus, You work in them on my behalf!

Jesus, I find You in them!

Jesus, whatsoever we do to others, that we do forYou!

Jesus, guide us to those who need us to bring You to them!

Jesus, may we act in Your Name always!

Jesus, may we be Temples in which You live!

Jesus, may we bring Your healing Presence to others!

Jesus, may we bear You always as beacons of Your Light!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 6

When You answered the scribe in the Temple to tell him that the greatest commandment is to love God above all and our neighbour as ourselves, he replied that You truly spoke the Truth. You praised him for his virtue and told him that he was not far from the Kingdom of Heaven. Fill our hearts with Your Love, O Lord Jesus, so that we may love You with all our minds, hearts, souls and strength. And may we love our neighbour as ourselves, finding in him and in her, Your very Presence, singing together: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

Walking on the waves of tumultuous waters, Lord Jesus, You called out to Your disciple, Peter, to come to you, as he wished. Having hesitated, Peter began to sink and cried out to You. Taking him by the hand, You asked him why he doubted. Acknowledging You to be the true Son of God Who had come in the Flesh, I too sink in the midst of doubts and worries. Like Your disciple, I ask You to save me from them, as I sing:

Jesus You raise me up from the midst of deep waters!

Jesus, save me for the floods have engulfed me!

Jesus, come quickly for the waters have risen around my throat!

Jesus rescue me from my tepid faith!

Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief!

Jesus, You make my footsteps firm!

Jesus, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear nothing!

Jesus, You are with me as my sure Rock of Defense!

Jesus, a thousand fall on my side and ten thousand on my other - but You are with me!

Jesus, You rescue me from all my troubles!

Jesus, You preserve my soul!

Jesus, You call out to me to come to You!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 7

Martha was distracted by the work of serving You and your disciples in her home. Seeing her sister, Mary, sitting at Your Feet, listening to Your Word, Martha approached You to tell her to help her. But You told Martha that though she be worried and troubled by many things, only one thing is needed - and Mary had chosen the better part that will not be taken from her! Pondering this within our own hearts, we cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

Lord Jesus, I see that I, too, am like Martha! Worries and troubles weigh me down and distract me from the one thing that is truly needful. Come to me with Your Presence and grant me peace of soul. Beckon me to come and sit at Your Feet to listen to Your Word, as I softly intone:

Jesus, You are the one thing needful to me!

Jesus, I adore You, my God!

Jesus, fill my soul with Your Word!

Jesus, pierce my heart with Your Grace and enflame it with love for You!

Jesus, let me be still and know that You are God!

Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, have mercy on me!

Jesus, transfix my inner gaze on Your commandments of Love!

Jesus, make me be receptive to Your teachings!

Jesus, may I be like the wise man who built his house on a Rock!

Jesus, number me with the wise virgins!

Jesus, multiply the Oil of Compunction within me!

Jesus, deem me worthy of the Oil of Eternal Gladness!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 8

At the Mystical Supper, Lord Jesus, You told Your disciples to not let their heart be troubled, but to believe in God and believe in You. You said that in Your Father's House are many mansions and that You go to prepare a place for them that where You are, there they may be also. Glorifying the mystery of Your condescension to us, we cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

Lord Jesus, You told Philip that You are in the Father and the Father is in You and that whatever we ask in Your Name, that You will do so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Glorifying You ceaselessly for the unfathomable riches of Your Most Divine Name, we cry:

Jesus, You are an abyss of wonder and joy!

Jesus, Your Name fills us with the Wine of Astonishment!

Jesus, You are the sole object of all our desire!

Jesus, we ask to be one with You always!

Jesus, we beg You to come to us with Your Father and the Holy Spirit!

Jesus, make your abode in us forever!

Jesus, You are true Vine, without You we may do nothing!

Jesus, make us Your fruitful branches!

Jesus, strengthen the roots of our faith!

Jesus, Son of the Father, in Whom He is well-pleased!

Jesus, You will not leave us orphans!

Jesus, come to us and be with us always!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 9

At the Supper, You took Bread, my Lord Jesus, broke it and gave it to Your disciples and said, "Take this and eat it, for this is My Body which is broken for you." You then took the Cup, and having given thanks, said, "Drink from this all of you, for this is My Blood, the Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant that is shed for you for the remission of sins. Do this in memory of Me." Recalling all this that happened for our salvation, we bow down as we sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

Lord Jesus, You are the Bread of God that came down from heaven and gives life to the world. He who comes to You will never hunger and he who believes in You will never thirst. Glorifying You for giving us the Bread that brings us eternal life, we cry:

Jesus, You are my daily Bread!

Jesus, Your Blood is Drink indeed!

Jesus, You are my eternal nourishment!

Jesus, the Communion of Your Sacred Mysteries transfigures me!

Jesus, my Incarnate God, You deify me!

Jesus, my Lord, You raise me up to the highest heaven!

Jesus, You come to me as to Your temple!

Jesus, You have made me to partake of Your Divine Life!

Jesus, I join Your beloved disciple in leaning on Your Chest!

Jesus, I am nourished at Your Wounded Side!

Jesus, I shed tears for my unworthiness!

Jesus, my eyes are bedewed as I receive You into my heart!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 10

Lord Jesus, You took Your disciples into the Garden and prayed there for three hours as the time for Your Saving Passion approached. They could not watch with you for one hour, as they were heavy with sleep. Heeding Your call to watch and pray lest we fall into temptation, we sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

Lord Jesus, we know not the moment when You will return as the Judge of all. Grant us the grace to live our lives in all sobriety and watchfulness. For the coming of the Bridegroom will be at a time when we will not expect such, when we will have to give an account for all that we have done and for all that we have failed to do. We ask You for Your Mercy and for a good judgement when You come, we sing:

Jesus, my Judge, be merciful to me!

Jesus, look upon my faith rather than on my works!

Jesus, for if You look upon my sins, how can I stand before You?

Jesus, You are the Bridegroom announcing the beginning of the Wedding Feast!

Jesus, may I join with all those called to Your Table!

Jesus, may I appear before you dressed in the bright clothes of those who keep feast!

Jesus, forgive me my sins, committed knowingly and unknowingly!

Jesus, forgive me all that I have done in mind and heart!

Jesus, tear up the record of what I have done during the day and the night!

Jesus, help me to be watchful in prayer and fasting!

Jesus, let me be Your Lamp in a world of darkness!

Jesus, may my hands do the works that are pleasing to You and Your Father!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 11

Your Love for us knows no bounds, O Lord Jesus! You bore spitting, striking, scourging, crowning with thorns and the Cross for our sake. You accomplished our salvation on Golgotha and then You bowed Your Head before giving up Your Spirit into the Hands of the Father. Awed by the unfathomable mysteries of Your Divine Condescension for our salvation, we sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

Lord Jesus, You are the Abyss of Self-emptying Love! In You, we are like so many fish swimming in the unending depths of Your Mercy and basking in the Sun of Your Glorious Light, and we loudly exclaim:

Jesus, Overwhelming in Your Mercy toward us!

Jesus, tearing up the record of our sins on the Cross!

Jesus, Wounded for our transgressions!

Jesus, by Your stripes we are healed!

Jesus, forgive us as you forgave the Thief!

Jesus, remember us in Your Kingdom!

Jesus, Your Blood renewed all things!

Jesus, with Thomas, we kiss the Marks of the Nails!

Jesus, we weep with your Mother in the depths of her sorrows!

Jesus, King of Glory!

Jesus, accomplishing our Salvation!

Jesus, loving us to the end!

All-Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 12

When You rose from the dead, Lord Jesus, You brought unspeakable happiness to the world, calling on all to rejoice. Your Tomb became like the rock that Moses struck in the wilderness and from which poured water in a dry and parched land. Pour on us the Grace that issues forth from Your Life-giving Tomb, O my Jesus, to irrigate the parched desert of our souls made dry by sin. Bathe us in Your warm Light and may we feel Your Divine Embrace always, as we sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

You appeared to two of your disciples on the road to Emmaus whose hearts were saddened at Your death on the Cross. You then expounded to them the scriptures and the need for the Messiah to fulfill all the prophecies concerning Him. As their hearts burned within them, You broke Bread and then disappeared from their physical sight, having renewed their faith in You as Lord and God of all, singing:

Jesus, You are Source of our joy!

Jesus, You come to us when we know not when or how!

Jesus, You are the Lord of Divine surprises!

Jesus, You are the living Water that came forth from the side of the Life-Giving Tomb!

Jesus, You came forth roaring like the Lion of Judah!

Jesus, You transfigure the Cosmos!

Jesus, You enliven our faith with the Holy Eucharist!

Jesus, come to our homes to be with us!

Jesus, our Light, do not leave, for evening is fast approaching!

Jesus, You are my Lord and my God!

Jesus, bring me to everlasting Life in You!

Jesus, I will follow You always!

Merciful Jesus, Lover of Mankind, anoint a humbled and broken heart with the Double Stream that flowed from Your Wounded Side!

Kontakion 13

O my sweetest Lord Jesus Christ! I praise and glorify You for Your salvation and for all Your constant, great Gifts that you continue to bestow on me, who has grown hard of heart. Soften my heart, then, O Jesus, with the Oil of Gladness that has You for its Source. Anoint me with the Mercy and Forgiveness of the Blood and Water of Your Sacred and Wounded Side. Save me and bring me to Your Heavenly Abode where You live with the Father and the Holy Spirit, by the prayers of Your Most Pure Mother and all Your Saints, as I sing: Alleluia! (Kontakion 13 is repeated three times)

Then Kontakion I and Ikos 1 are repeated.

Prayer to the All-Merciful Lord Jesus, the Lover of Mankind

Lord Jesus, my Savior, I ask You to awaken my heart to Your Love for me that I may live for You and in union with You all the days of my life. I wish to be Your disciple and follow the command given to the wine stewards at Cana in Galilee by Your Most Holy Mother to do all You have said. May Your Sweetest Name be ever in my mind, my heart and on my lips as the great Sword of the Spirit. Graft me onto yourself as an unworthy branch, for You are the True Vine. Nourish me always at Your Wounded Side with Your Sacred Mysteries. And may I remain ever at Your Feet in spirit thinking of all these things in my heart until I see you, my Lord Jesus, as You are, enthroned in Your Heavenly Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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